Telescopic saw 3x2 - 6 meters Forestal with blade steel 330 mm


Telescopic saw 3 x 2 - 6 meters Forestal

Telescopic saw with blade carbon-rich SK-4 steel

which gives greater elasticity and resistance.

Trim cutting tooth with precision grinding and pulse hardening.

All blades undergo a chrome process that prevents rust

and prevents the lymph from attacking,

ensuring fast and smooth cutting without effort.

Oval aluminium rod to optimize weight ratio,

resistance and rigidity.

The double locking system integrated into thehandle guarantees

a secure and lasting fixing.

Rubber grip for a safe and non-slip grip.

The straight profile of blade makes sure that only the teeth touch the wood

allowing you to perform perfect and regular cuts.


Max length: 6 m

Blade: 330 mm

CODE: R34262649



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