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Battery charger and regenerator FULBAT traditional lead and gel

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Allows to load 1 battery up to 30 ah at a time

Includes: cable and pliers

Charging cycles - regeneration in 8 cycles:

1st CICLO: Initial test: run an initial test of the condition of battery and determines, automatically,

which is the next cycle to which to subject the battery

2 CICLO: regeneration (rejuvenation) at this stage the charger/regenerator desulfate the battery through a high frequency process

(impulse desulfation).

Gthe current and voltage pulses remove sulphates from lead plates of the battery, restoring its ability

3 CICLIO: Start-up - initialization of the charging mode start of the charging cycle.

Check if you battery He can accept the charge. This phase prevents charging a battery defective

4 CICLO: main charging this charging cycle with the maximum current up to 80% of the capacity of the battery.

The charging is carried out at the maximum current, so as to reduce the charging time of the battery and save energy

5 CICLO: Recharging with absorption (final charge) charging, with decreasing current, up to 100% of the capacity of the battery.

This cycle represents the final part of the charging.

During this phase the charging current gradually decreases, to prevent the voltage becoming too high

6 CICLO: analysis of battery this cycle tests battery to make sure it is fully recharged

7 CICLO: maintenance for maximum performance recharging of manteni mento tipo float,

constant voltage for maximum performance

8 CICLO: maintenance for maximum duration when battery not used can be left connected to the charger.

Charger-battery measures voltage of battery constantly to determine whether a charging pulse must be started.

In this cycle the charging capacity varies 95% and 100%.

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