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Spray paint galvanizing 400 ml FORESTAL fast drying resists water

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Spray paint galvanizing FORESTAL

400 ml

Zn Zinco Spray: Galvanized paint.

Pure zinc and aluminum combination for durable protection

of all metal surfaces.

It adheres securely on all metals

and offers excellent cathodic protection against atmospheric agents.

Equipped with good electrical conductivity, results

particularly indicated in point welding.

High resistance to salt and water.

Quick drying.

Resistant to water after 30 minutes.

To complete drying, it is possible to repeat the application

to further increase the protective thickness.

How to use:

Activate the cylinder for 30 seconds before each delivery.

The surfaces to be treated must be degreased and deoxidized.

Escape from a distance of 25-30 cm.

In case of repeated applications,

wait 5-8 min.

Between application and application.

CODE: R331218



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