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Electric Scuotiolive ACTIVE _ engine brushes NO BATTERIA

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Electric Scuotiolive ACTIVE _ engine brushes NO BATTERIA

Electric Scuotiolive ACTIVE _ engine brushes NO BATTERIA




The innovative olive shaker, made with advanced mechanical technologies,

electrical and electronic to facilitate collection.

The model E1200 is the suitable shaker for all needs,

versatile and effective in every condition.

Direct feed from battery 12V allows 80/110 kg/hour productivity,

with a total weight of 2,5 kg.



Power supply: Electric 12V cc (directed from battery)

Control: Engine stress control system

Recommended battery: 12V cc 70-80 Ah

Handle: Ergonomics with switch

Optimal plant entry angle: 12°-20°-28°

Length: from 2100mm to 3100mm

Weight Total tool: 2.5 Kg

Telescopic extension: Series

Power cord: 10mt with pliers and connectors

Productivity: 80/110 Kg/hour

Engine: Brushes

- Wide oscillation movement

The two arms of Olivator E1200 perform an alternative movement with a high amplitude,

with the consequent oscillation of 8 carbon fiber rods, for better productivity.

- Inclined and isolated collection head from the outside

The use of the Olivator E1200 is facilitated by the tilted head,

that guarantees an optimal input of the rods in the plant.

- Ergonomic handle with switchand cable

Olivator E1200 is equipped with adjustable aluminium telescopic rod,

handle ergonomic with switchand cable power supply.


Original code: 6009


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